What make's us Work so Darn Hard at Goldstein and Canady LLC.

We at Goldstein and Canady LLC. have a golden rule. Say NO to things we are not good at.

Home Restoration Services

No matter what disaster you met with a minute ago, we’re here to help restore back everything lost to pre-loss. We work on damaged kitchens and fire, basement/garage flooding. But give us call a website can never replace someone to speak to, disaster is serious business choosing the right contractor is a key part to a recovery.


When unusual incidents took place in your office/commercial or industry we can’t deny the losses you fall into. As Commercial buildings are equipped of all necessary business assets it is a bit big disaster. We can’t minimize the loss occurred but can minimize it by combatting the damage caused by Restoration of Water, Fire, Mold Damage, Catastrophic & Large Loss Recovery, and proving Cleanup for Property.

Rental Services

Goldstein and Canady LLC. has also ventured into offering leases to homes  in the areas of Irvington , Burlington County, and Newark N.J. Please give us a call to inquire what we have available, we add homes every quarter so call to get on our waiting list. WE LOVE VOUCHERS.

Why We Do , What We Do

Goldstein and Canady  does what works for us, perfectly. We do not build skyscrapers, NOR DO WE DO HANDYMAN WORK. We are in the fire reconstruction business that are isolated to 1-4 family residential. Since we have a profound understanding of how to rebuild after fire or serious water damage, we have started a separate division of purchasing homes that are fire damaged. We do not venture into any other business. Its better this way for us, we know our strengths and we play to them; this gives us the best scenario for a homeowner experience  optimal rebuild. We don’t run from hiccups when they occur, we get the job done for you.